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Vladimir Teplukhin. Milestones of life




  • 13 July 1957: Vladimir Teplukhin is born in Moscow


    "I started in painting while still in the womb… My pregnant mother suddenly began to paint landscapes and still-lifes after the French Impressionists."


  • 1960s: The Drawing Studio at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

      “...Bold and beautiful, sensual, emotionally charged emotive painting due to brilliant knowledge of the history of         Modern Art from the French classics to  the abstract paintings, where Kandinsky's art was especially attractive..."         (S. Kuskov)


  • 1971-1974 year: The Serov Art School, Moscow (under tutelage of Valery Geraskevich)


  • the 1970s: Ely Bielutin’s Studio. Independent studies

      "…Characteristic bloated abstracts and bright colourful masses explode on the canvas as if to break through the         surface and escape the frame itself."


  • 1981: Meeting with Mikhail Schwartzman


  • 1988-1991 year: Schwartzman’s Hieratic School of Art; developing and mastering a style of his own.

  • 19 February 2001: Vladimir Teplukhin died

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